Tuesday, September 11th

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  First, a moment of silence in respect for those who lost their lives during and in the rescue efforts for the victims of the 9/11/01 attacks on the United States of America.  Thank you.

September 17, 2018 – 5:00 pm Board Meeting at SDYC, Review of draft 2018/19 Budget, all members welcome; 6:00 pm Steak Fry at SDYC

September 24, 2018 – 6:00 pm 64th Installation Dinner at the Bali Hai, Shelter Island, $20 per person, please RSVP with Bert Barclay

October 20, 2018 – PLNU Fall Festival from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, volunteers needed to manage the booth, please see Tom Lewis for more info

              Laura Shinn, Director of Facilities Planning for SDSU

PRESENTATION:  Laura Shinn, Director of Facility Planning for San Diego State University, presented the SDSU Mission Valley plan for the stadium property.  This draft plan was created to share the vision SDSU has, should they be given the opportunity to purchase the property.  The plan includes a 50+ acre San Diego River Park, a 1.6 million square foot campus research, innovation and development center, and 4,600 new residential units for upper division students, faculty, staff, affordable and publicly offered, market rate housing.  The plan also includes a 35,000 seat stadium designed for college football, professional soccer and expandable to NFL standards (should an NFL team wish to locate in San Diego).  Two hotels, a conference center, 95,000 square feet of local serving commercial space and 22 acres of public parks compliment the balance of this trolley-centric plan.

“We will present this plan to the public, as a starting point for environmental and community review,” Laura told us.  “The plan must go through a CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) level review and significant impacts will be identified and mitigated.  This open and transparent review process will ensure the community and surrounding neighborhoods, that their concerns will be heard and addressed.”  The plan, as presented, contains over 50% open space and parks.  There are large walking and biking trails, and a critical link in the San Diego River Park trail that will eventually connect Mission Bay with the headwaters of the San Diego River.  The additional campus space will provide SDSU with approximately a 50% increase in the campus space on the mesa.  “We are land-locked on the mesa,” Laura said.  “We look to Mission Valley as the best chance for us to expand in a close, proximate location.  The property is only three trolley stops away!”

                              1st VP Steve Doyle and Laura Shinn

“SDSU provides $5.67 billion per year of economic impact to the San Diego region.  SDSU accounts for 42,000 jobs and pays almost $500 million per year in local and state taxes.  This is all done with the 185 acres on the mesa.  Imagine how much more we could do if we added the 132 acres in Mission Valley!” she added.  There were over 93,000 applications received for the fall of 2018 entering freshman class.  There were 5,700 students accepted.  The average incoming SAT score of the accepted students was over 1,250.  The average GPA was 3.8.  By growing SDSU into the Mission Valley site, campus officials estimate another 15,000 students could added to the total student population, which exceeds 35,000 today!

                        Steve Doyle with Friends of SDSU

Steve Doyle, a member of the Friends of SDSU (and 1st VP of the Point Loma Optimist Club) presented the initiative, SDSU West – Prop G, that will provide SDSU wit the opportunity to expand into Mission Valley.  “Our initiative is very simple.  Our initiative directs the City of San Diego to enter into negotiations with SDSU to sell them the stadium property at Fair Market Value.  And, it requires SDSU, if they purchase the property, to build the River Park, a new stadium, go through a public process for planning and environmentally reviewing their plan, take over the cost of       maintaining the existing stadium and to do all this work without any money from the City General Fund.  Prop G is on the November 6th ballot.  Prop G has garnered the most diverse and significant group of endorsements ever seen in a San Diego local election.  And, Prop G is sponsored by a group called Friends of SDSU, who wrote, qualified, defended and now are campaigning for its adoption.  Friends of SDSU are alumni, business people, environmentalists, community activists, philanthropists, and past presidents of SDSU.  All of our members have agreed to not be financially involved with the future development of the property, if Prop G passes.  Prop G provides the best opportunity to grow SDSU.  The competing Measure, Prop E proposes a new shopping center.  The future of San Diego is in the hands of the voters.  A vision for Mission Valley and San Diego is at stake.  Do you want a new university campus, focused on research and innovation?  Or, do you want another shopping center?  Please vote “YES” on Prop G and “NO” on Prop E!”

Club members asked numerous questions and then thanked both presenters.


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