Tuesday, October 9th


                       Professor Ron Lauderbach

  1. Next Breakfast Meeting, Tuesday, October 16th, 7:00am, SDYC
  2. Fall Festival at PLNU, Saturday, October 20th, 10:00am – 2:00pm, volunteers needed
  3. Next Board Meeting, Monday, October 22nd, 5:00pm, SDYC, with the last Steak Fry of the year to follow at 6:00pm
  4.  Holiday Party, Saturday, December 8th, 6:00pm, location to be announced


There once was an Optimist poet,

His work great, but he didn’t show it.

He bared his soul and opened his heart.

He enlightened us with the images of art.

Now grasp that spark and grow it!


Sometimes, when you run out of easy choices, when the simple solutions are not available, you just have to believe in yourself and throw that “Hail Mary” pass.  Quarterback Doug Flutie had a knack for that sort of last second heroics.  I never thought I could make such a similar pass…

Monday afternoon, preparing for our Tuesday morning breakfast meeting, I learned we were running out of options for the weekly guest speaker.  Half heartedly planning for a sorry “song and dance” routine, I lofted one of those “Hail Mary” passes and, low and behold, our All-Star historian, Poet Laureate and Optimist for Life, Ron Lauderbach made the catch, won the game and made me look good in my official Breakfast Meeting debut as this year’s Club President!  What can I say, sometimes the stars align for you!

President Steve Doyle and Poet Ron Lauderbach

Ron took up my jokingly “throwing him under the bus” comment and delivered an amazing presentation.  Ron’s fascination with poetry began at a young age. While some adolescents took to crude words on a restroom wall, Ron fostered his words into stories about his life and the people around him.  As an English teacher, Ron noticed that “great poets of year’s past” had a difficult time capturing the attention of teenage students.  He turned to more recent scribes of story telling poets to bring life and mystery into this writing format.  “If you can’t capture the readers’ attention, you can’t tell your story,” he shared with us.  “I try to open the minds of my readers by painting a picture with words.  Something they can relate to and understand.”

We are very proud to call Ron our brother in Optimism.  We are also encouraged by his determination to follow his heart and explore his love of poetry.  Ron is looking forward to completing his degree next year.  We know he will achieve this goal and we hope he will continue to catch those “Hail Mary” passes to the delight of all his fans.  Thank you and well done, Ron Lauderbach!

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