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Tuesday, October 8th

Tuesday, October 8th


October 15th, 7:00 am, Breakfast Meeting at SDYC, speaker to be announced

October 21st, 5:00 pm Board Meeting at SDYC; 6:00 pm Steak Fry at SDYC

Happy Birthdays to  Larry Baumann, John Benya and Gary Correia

December 7th, Holiday Party, details to be announced

Congratulations!  Larry Baumann celebrated his 50th anniversary of his return from Viet Nam today!

Hail:  Jeff Fischbeck, 2019-20 Club President (his 1st official meeting!)

Kevin Hardy and President Jeff Fischbeck

Program:   Today’s guest speaker is Kevin Hardy, retired from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in June 2011 as a senior development engineer after a career than spanned 40 years.  Kevin was involved in a number of fascinating deep ocean adventures, but turns his thoughts these days to those amazing people and events that made San Diego an important spot on the map!

Nestled on the sandy shores of southern California, San Diego is renowned as a laid-back place with easy-going people.  Yet somehow between the margaritas and surfboards, this sleepy little beach town, born in 1769, has been a powerhouse of invention and activity.  From the first European settlement in the state of California, to building famous flying machines that first flew across the Atlantic and first put an American into orbit. Other breakthroughs came in undersea manned habitats,    developing technology to dive the deepest ocean trench, the science to predict surf conditions at Normandy for the WWII’s D-Day landing, advancing basic understanding of the human genome, to designing cameras that presently orbit Mars and the moon. San Diego has made important contributions to the modern world, and continues to do so.

For example:

1769 – San Diego is “discovered” by Juan Cabrillo and becomes the first settlement/town in California.

1893 – John J Montgomery made the man’s first controlled flight in a heavier-than-air craft right here in Sand Diego!  He is known as the father of basic flying.

1903 – San Diego buys a laboratory from the University of California Berkeley, and brings it to Coronado.  The lab relocates to La Jolla and becomes the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

1908 – Theodore Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet sailed into San Diego Harbor.  Many people cite this arrival as the beginning of the US Navy Base, San Diego.

1908 – Lt. T.G. Ellyson, USN becomes the Naval Aviator #1 here at North Island, San Diego.

1911 – Glen Curtiss became known at the Father of Naval Aviation, training pilots for the Navy at North Island.  He also designed the first float plane for the Navy.

1912 – The Spreckels Theater opens in San Diego, it is the only playhouse west of the Mississippi at this time.

1915 – Balboa Stadium dedicated as a 15,000 seat facility, the biggest in the United States, at the time.

1915 – The Panama California Exposition opens in what is now called Balboa Park.  The Exposition highlighted the completion of the Panama Canal and the fact San Diego was the first US port of call for ships coming out of the canal on the Pacific side.

1916 – The San Diego Zoo is born.  Utilizing animals brought to the Panama California Exposition, Dr. Harry Wegeforth starts a world famous and innovative zoo.

1917 – US Navy builds the Chollas Heights radio antennas, capable of a 3,000 mile range during the day and a 17,000 mile range at night.  The most powerful antennas in the world at that time.

1927 – A new company, Magnovox, develops an outdoor speaker system for President Woodrow Wilson’s speech at the Balboa Stadium.  The first speaker system of its kind.

1927 – Charles Lindbergh designs and flies the Spirit of Saint Louis in San Diego.  Then takes his plane across the country to Newfoundland and flies non-stop to Paris.  He returns to San Diego to find 60,000 people at Balboa Stadium to welcome him home!

1928 – Cal Tech build the Palomar Observatory, the largest telescope ever constructed.

1936 – Ruben H. Fleet designs and builds the still popular PBY Catalina, the American Flying Boat.

1939 – Consolidated Aircraft (founded by Ruben H Fleet) designs and builds the WWII workhorse, B-24 Liberator.

And, he was only getting started!  Kevin went on to discuss the history of rockets and space craft, underwater vehicles, ocean tides, waves and weather charting.  His newest hobbies include working with young people and getting them excited about science, innovation, and the earth we live on.  The PLOC wants to thank Kevin for a wonderful presentation and welcomes him to join us again, anytime!





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