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Tuesday, October 29th

Tuesday, October 29th


November 5th, 7:00 AM, Breakfast Meeting at SDYC.  Speaker:  Dr. Ray Ashley, President/CEO, Maritime Museum of San Diego

November 12th, 7:00 AM, Breakfast Meeting at SDYC.  Speaker:  TBD

November 18th, 5:00 PM, Board of Directors Meeting, Lafayette Hotel

November 18th, 6:00 PM, Monthly Monday Evening Event, Red Fox Room at the Lafayette Hotel

November 25th, 7:00 AM, Breakfast Meeting at SDYC.  Speaker:  Adam Zack, Jensen’s Foods

December 7th, Holiday Party (details to be announced)


“Welcome Aboard” to Pete Swain, our newest member!  Pete is a longtime yachtsman, now retired from his construction business and is looking forward to participating in our club’s activities.

Member Russ Valone and President Jeff Fischbeck welcome new member, Pete Swain.

CAPT Brien Dickson, assisted by his PAO, Sharon Stephensonpino, address the club at Tuesday’s breakfast.

We were treated to a repeat visit by Captain Brien Dickson, USN, the Commanding Officer of Naval Base Point Loma.  He updated us on his responsibilities, his vision and his team’s accomplishments since his previous engagement with us over a year ago.  What many of us don’t realize is the base commander’s job encompasses not only the Submarine Base (as it was formerly known), but 3 campuses, covering almost 2000 acres, with 60 tennant commands, and over 17,000 employees (only a third of which are active duty military and reservists).  His “look ahead” includes better use of the Old Town campus as a future transportation hub and multi-use urban center, including innovative solutions to local transportation challenges.  We wish him continued success in his stated vision of communicating with our community in positively impacting San Diego.  Thank you, Captain Dickson!

“Thank you, Captain Dickson!”







Members of the Youth Work and Special Projects Committee at work

Now that our 2019-2020 budget has been approved, our Youth Work and Special Projects Committee is hard at work to spend our funds on supporting Peninsula youth under the leadership of its Chair, Randy Rolfe.

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