Tuesday, October 16th


October 22nd; Board Meeting, 5:00 pm at SDYC, 6:00 pm Last Steak Fry for 2018

October 30th; Breakfast Meeting. 7:00 am at SDYC

December 8th; Holiday Party, location to be announced

Program:  Ron Lee has made a career out of falling down … lots of times.  5,440 times to be exact and 5,439 of those times were really great!  According to Ron, the keys to happiness in life are simple.  First, Find something you like to do.  Second, Get really, really good at it.  And third, Find someone (or lots of someones) who will pay you to do it.  Sound simple?  Well, maybe not that last one.  But, if you are really, really, really good chances are someone will pay you!

Ron Lee and President Steve Doyle

Ron Lee is the co-owner of Skydiving Innovations and a 32-year professional demonstration skydiver.  “There are two types of skydiving shows,” he explained to us.  “The first is what we call a “Jump, Wave and Gone” style show.  That lasts about 5 minutes.  Then there are the Demonstration Skydiving shows, an aerial entertainment program, customized to the client’s wishes.  This is  our specialty.”

In the words of Medal of Honor winner, Eddie Rickenbacker, “Courage is doing what you are afraid to do.  There can be no courage unless you are scared.”  And, according to Ron, every jump comes with some element of fear.  Ron and Todd Lee started Skydiving Innovations in 1986.  In 1988, they were approached by some members of the Leap Frogs, the US Navy Parachute Team, about joining their operations.  The Leap Frogs are recognized as some of the best demonstration skydivers in the world.  This enabled Ron to significantly increase the offerings of his company and to create the most sought-after group of professional aerialists.  Skydiving Innovations has developed, managed and performed nearly 500 aerial demonstrations since 1986 for companies such as Wells Fargo, Callaway Golf, The NFL, Nationwide Insurance, Delta Airlines, Disney Enterprises and many more.

Ron has also taken his experiences to the world of motivational speakers, bringing his perspective about the value of risk, fear, struggle and failure as necessary precursors to personal and professional success.  In addition, Skydiving Innovations supports organizations that support military families like the Seal Family Foundation.  The Optimists thank Ron for sharing his words of wisdom and for agreeing to take David Gee on their next wing-suit high altitude dive.  We wish you both continued success!


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