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Dennis Probst is the Vice President of Development for the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.  While Dennis is new to this job (started in December 2017), he has many years experience in operating airports.  His prior position was that of COO for the Metropolitan Airports Commission, overseeing the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and six general aviation fields in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

                       Pres. Bramley and VP Dennis Probst

In his new role, Dennis oversees all aspects of planning, environmental affairs, capital improvements and facilities development at Lindberg Field.  “We are a bit busy these days,” he told us.  “Last year, we accommodated over 22 million passengers.  That’s an average of 60,000 passengers per day and 550 flights per day!”  All this activity is handled by 407 Authority employees and 9,000 airport partner company employees.  Direct flights from San Diego to 62 domestic and 9 international destinations are available.  The newest flight is offered by Lufthansa Air, San Diego to Frankfurt.  To make the use of the airport more convenient and enjoyable, the Authority has embarked on an aggressive improvement campaign.

The new International Arrivals facility is scheduled to be turned over to Customs and Immigration official this month (May 2018).  The new facility will be located at the westerly end of Terminal 2 and be over twice the size of the current facility.  “This new facility was fast-tracked through a design build contract with Turner PCL.  From signing the contract in March of 2017 to completion of construction in May 2018 is a fantastic job!  We are very thrilled with their performance.”

                                  The Airport Development Plan

Next is the new Terminal 2 parking structure.  “We have added over 1,700 parking spaces in addition to the previous field lot capacity.  This is probably the most technically advanced parking structure in San Diego.  You can reserve a spot.  You can pay at the door or ahead of time.  We will have dynamic pricing to compete with the ride sharing companies.  And, it will open later this month!” according to Dennis.

The next infrastructure program is the expansion and remodel of Terminal 1.  The environmental document is expected to circulate later this year.  The Authority will then relocate the cargo and maintenance facilities to the north side of the runway.  After approval of the EIR and project plan, 19 new gates will be built east of Terminal 1.  After the airlines are moved to the new gates, the old Terminal 1 will be demolished and 11 more gates will be added to the new Terminal 1.  “These gates will be larger.  And, the linear terminal design will allow us to provide a second taxiway, which will improve the ground flow of airplanes,” according to Dennis.

The 661 acres that make up Lindberg Field are all carefully accounted for and utilized.  But, don’t think the prospects for growth are behind them.  With approximately 200,000 landings and takeoffs each year, the San Diego International Airport is planning for bigger and better.  “With all the right things happening, we could see San Diego grow to 300,000 landings and takeoffs in a year.  Not next year or the year after.  But it is certainly possible in the future.”  Thank you, Dennis for giving us all the “heads up” on what’s up at the airport!


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