Tuesday, May 7th


May 14th – Speaker – Commodore Chris Cavanaugh, USN, commander of Submarine Squadron 11 at Ballast Point

May 20th – Board Meeting at 5:00 pm, Steak Fry at 6:00 pm

May 28th – Youth Appreciation Day, 7:00 am, SDYC


Bob Lawrence

From his early days at Pasadena City College, to his Bachelor’s degree from CSU Long Beach, to his radio gigs and first job in television news, Bob Lawrence credits his passion for journalism, good timing and good luck for his professional career.  “I was a news writer, news producer, news anchor and news reporter,” he shared with us.  “And then, because of my time in the Air Force Reserves, I got the chance to be the military reporter for Channel 10, here in San Diego.”  Bob created a 41 year career in the news business.  He has reported on some of the biggest and most dangerous news events of those times.  Whether he was following our military in the First Gulf War in Kuwait.  Or, tracking the Marines from Camp Pendleton as they prepared for duty in Afganistan.  And, again, when those Marines returned home with combat wounds and faced the Veterans’ Affairs Hospitals for treatment.  Bob was out front, involved and reporting back for San Diego Channel 10 News.

When Bob wasn’t wearing a helmet, or desert cammo, he was reporting on wildfires, national political conventions and the Northridge earthquake.  “One of my most vivid memories was January 17th, 1994.  I was the morning anchor for Channel 10 News.  I was listening to KNX News Radio on my way to work, when the station suddenly went off the air.  That was unheard of!  About 10 minutes later, they came back on the report a massive earthquake had struck the San Fernando Valley.”  As Bob told the story we were enthralled by his passion for the news and reporting it.  “I arrived at the station and took control of the production from my anchor’s chair.  We set aside all other news items that morning and on live television, I directed the reports from our sister station in LA and brought the news directly to San Diego citizens while it was happening.  This was not something we practiced.  But, it was something that needed to be done that morning.”

Pres. Steve Doyle and Newsman Bob Lawrence

This past weekend, Bob took part in the Honor Flight that took 83 veterans from WWII and the Korean War back to Washington DC to visit the monuments that were constructed in their honor.  “It was an amazing trip.  83 strangers got on the plane Friday morning.  83 best friends got off it Sunday afternoon.  The stories, the memories, the tears and the laughs were non-stop.  As a guardian, my job was to make sure my veteran was cared for throughout the trip.  When we returned on Sunday afternoon, the reception at Lindbergh Field was just over the top.  I will never forget it.” Bob told us.

Bob was an early supporter of the effort to bring the USS Midway from mothball in Bremerton to San Diego tourist attraction.  He shared, “The USS Midway is the fifth most visited museum in the United States.  It is a living, breathing piece of history.  I am so proud to be part of the Board of Directors (Bob is Secretary of the Board).”  Even though Bob retired from the news business, he remains active with the military community of San Diego.  From his Channel 10 Bio during his working days, Bob said…”My greatest accomplishment was that I might make a difference in someone’s life.  It was something I strived to achieve each and every day…”  I think it is clear, Bob made a difference in the lives of many people and we are all better for his work.  Thanks for visiting with us this morning, Bob Lawrence!


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