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“Become an informed patient!” according to Chris Burns, President of EA Health, this is the best way to protect your health and your health care costs.  In 2016, California AB 72, the Health Care Coverage bill became law.  The law provides if you receive health services, under your health insurance policy, from a contracting health care facility, but from a noncontracting health care provider (specializing doctor), you would only be required to pay the specializing doctor the “in-network cost sharing amount”.

Pres. Bill Bramley, Member Randy Rolfe and EA Health Pres. Chris Burns

This was not the situation before AB 72.  Surprise billings (additional billings from noncontracting physicians) were common, especially in cases where Emergency Rooms were required to obtain the services of a specialists in an urgent time frame.  It was issues of this sort which created the impetus for a company like EA Health.

Chris Burns looks for alternatives to best fit the situation.  He seeks to employ resources in an effective manner.  His focus is to provide the specialist service providers to the health care facilities in a timely and cost effective manner.  Today, EA Health (which was created in 1992), works with over 100 hospitals in 15 states and 5,000 specialist doctors.  Coordinating the ever-changing health care laws with the service providers and the facility owners is a full time job.

“Did you know that doctors in California, can not be hired by hospitals?  The doctors are independent health care service providers.  Hospitals are health care service facilities.  The laws regarding who receives what dollars from insurance providers is an ever evolving field.  We focus on staying at the leading edge of these changes and working to minimize the impacts to the health care providers and the health care facilities,” he told us.  No doubt, that is a full time job!

The next challenge to the health care service industry may be California AB 3087.  This bill would create a new “commission” that would set fees charged by hospitals and physicians.  The bill has cleared the Assembly Health Committee and has been re-referred to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.   “This will create a major challenge for service providers and facility providers,” Chris told us.

EA Health and Chris Burns are fighting the uphill battle.  Listening to Chris this morning, only reinforces his great advice, “Be an informed patient!”  Thank you Chris, for this frightening look behind the green curtain of the health care business.






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