Tuesday, March 5th


March 12th, Oratorical Contest, 7:00 am, San Diego Yacht Club

March 18th. 5:00 pm Board Meeting; 6:00 pm Evening Event

April 26th, 5:00 – 11:00 pm, 2nd Annual OptimisTiki Luau, Bali Hai restaurant, tickets available HERE  

Today:  Barry Scott was inducted into the Point Loma Optimist Club this morning.  Barry is a semi-retired musician and Point Loma resident.  He was sponsored by Bill Fiedler.  Welcome Barry!


The La Playa Trail is the oldest recognized trading trail in the western United States!  From Ballast Point to Mission Bay, the trail’s history goes back thousands of years and was started by our own native American Kumeyaay Tribe.  Today, the La Playa Trail Association is charged with maintenance and education of the trail’s history.  This morning, Kitty McDaniel and Eric DuVall, visited with the PL Optimist Club to educate our members on the history of the trail and its significance in the “recent” development of San Diego.

Eric is a local kid who grew up in Ocean Beach and Point Loma.  He is the current president of the Ocean Beach Historical Society and a member of the La Playa Trails Association.  Eric is also the co-author of the “Images of America, Point Loma” book, a fascinating look at the history and growth of the Point Loma community.  Kitty McDaniel grew up in Pacific Beach taught school for the SD Unified School District for 30 years.  She has 30 years of experience with the Pacific Beach and La Jolla Historical Societies and is currently on the  boards for the Ocean Beach Historical Society and the La Playa Trail Association.  Kitty also contributed to the “Images of America, Point Loma” book.  Together, they presented a brief history of the La Playa Trail and the growth of the Point Loma community.

The recent history of the La Playa Trail begins with Richard Henry Dana, who first set foot in Point Loma in 1834.  Dana spent much of his early days in Point Loma curing and trading in animal hides.  His 1840 book, “Two Years Before the Mast”, became a major source of information about California and the first recorded information about the La Playa Trading Trail.  During the mid to late 1800’s, the La Playa Trail was often used to allow Point Loma residents and visitors to gain access to the many beaches on the eastern side of the peninsula.

In 1866, Louis Rose, a local business man in San Diego’s Old Town, purchased a considerable amount of land in Point Loma and laid out a town he called Roseville.  It was Louis’ goal, that the growth of San Diego would take place in and around Roseville.  However, Alonso Horton was busy laying out a New Town San Diego across the bay.  And, it was this New Town of Horton’s that eventually grew and prospered as the new San Diego downtown.

Other note-able families from the early days of Point Loma include Fran Jennings, a lawyer, businessman and the Sheriff of San Diego in the late 1800’s.  Katherine Tingley, who in 1900 brought the Theosophical Society headquarters from New York to Point Loma.  A widely published author and peace activist, her headquarters facilities are today n the campus of Point Loma Nazarene University.  The Kettenburg family came to Point Loma in 1912 and established a world class boat building business.  In 1915, a 305 mile road race gathered over 50,000 spectators as world class automobile racers took over Point Loma.  In 1923, the Naval Training Center opened in Point Loma.  And, in 1934, the first trail markers for the La Playa trail were erected.  These tidbits about the history of Point Loma and the La Playa Trail and many more, are presented in the “Images of America, Point Loma” book.  Available at fine book stores and the Morena Blvd Costco!

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