Tuesday, June 4th


  1. June 11th, Breakfast Meeting, 7:00 am at SDYC, developer Perry Dealy will be the guest speaker
  2. June 17th, Board Meeting @ 5:00 pm SDYC, Steak Fry @ 6:00 pm SDYC
  3. July 15th, Annual Gold Tournament at River Walk GC, Lunch at noon, Shotgun Start at 1:00 pm, get your foursomes together now!
  4. Bruce Denham reports progress with the Patriot Half Marathon permitting.  One more permit to get, from the Port Authority.  Anyone who can help Bruce please reach out and let him know… bruce@Patriots Half.com

    VP Chris Jacobs, VP Jeff Fischbeck and Principal Marco Drapeau

  5. The Club made a grant presentation at the Ocean Beach Elementary School’s Volunteers and Community Partners Breakfast on June 5th.  The money will be used to create an outdoor Reading Garden for the children.  Club Vice Presidents, Chris Jacobs and Jeff Fischbeck were there to make the presentation to Principal Marco Drapeau.


Chris Keifer, Jim Seman and Ken Stipanov

Mr. Chris Kiefer, Chief Financial Officer of the NTC Foundation was our guest speaker this morning.  The NTC Foundation was established in 2000, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to enrich the lives of San Diegans by renovating a portion of the closed Navy Training Center (NTC) San Diego and creating, facilitating, and operating ARTS DISTRICT as a 80-acre creative district.  As San Diego’s newest cultural mecca—a destination for arts and culture, with 16 of 26 historic buildings completed, ARTS DISTRICT is home to over 120 tenants, including artists, galleries, creative businesses, museums, and nonprofits serving San Diego. Over 800,000 people visit ARTS DISTRICT annually, adding economic impact and jobs to what was once a shuttered Navy base. “Every day we have Arts coming alive,” Chris told us.  “Check out our schedule of events!  You will be blown away by all the activity going on.”  Click Here for Events Schedule.

“We are also moving ahead, looking to complete the renovations for the remainder of our District.  Generally, you can tell, if the building is still the old, faded yellow color, we have not renovated it yet.  Once the building is renovated, it will be painted in the light brown color.”  The next building up is #178.  The is the old Commissary building.  The plan is to create two theaters (a 300 seat and a 50 seat venue).  The theaters will be used for dance, music, digital arts and other productions.  The goal is to have the renovation completed by 2021.  There is also a plan to create a Boutique Hotel within buildings 4, 5, 18 and 25.  The City processing for permits is underway and the goal here is for a 2021/22 opening.

“We want to make art a see it, feel it, touch it and engage in it activity.  We can do that with our First Friday events,” Chris explained.   This popular free arts event takes place on the First Friday of every month from 5-9 pm throughout the 28 acre campus. After 10 years, it has grown into San Diego’s biggest innovative arts event! Meet working artists, enjoy dance, theatre and music performances featuring community partners and discover intriguing public art installations. Wander and explore the galleries, museums, artist studios, distinctive shops and dining at historic Liberty Station.

There are Summer Camps, Art Shows, Concerts, and so much more.  There are restaurants, museums, a golf course, a movie theater and a special events center.  You can spend all day enjoying the ARTS DISTRICT at Liberty Station, and still come back the next day, and the next day to finish exploring.  Meet the artists, talk to the craftspeople, wonder at the historic exhibits or just stretch out on the lawns and catch some rays.  Whatever floats your boat (yeah, they got a couple of those too!) the ARTS DISTRICT is a great place explore and enjoy!

Thanks to Chris Keifer for sharing his insights on this gem of Point Loma.

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