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Tuesday, June 25th

Tuesday, June 25th


July 2nd, 7:00 am; Breakfast meeting at SDYC, Speaker to be announced

July 9th, 7:00 am; Breakfast meeting at SDYC, Speaker to be announced

July 15th, Noon, Annual PLOC Golf Tournament, River Walk Golf Course, get your foursome organized NOW!  6:00 pm, Steak Fry and Awards Banquet, SDYC

Pres Steve Doyle and New Member Rodney Eales

The Board of Directors met last Monday night and we approved a $1,000 donation to the Outside the Lens.  They provide camera equipment and training to Point Loma elementary school and high school students.  We also approved a $1,000 donation to the Point Loma High School Cheer Boosters for new uniforms.  They helped us with merchandise sales and logistics at the OptimisTiki Luau.    Thanks to Vince Glorioso and his Youth Works Committee for their fast action in reviewing these applications and getting them to the Board in time for approval!

This morning, the Point Loma Optimist Club welcomed a long time Point Loma resident as our newest member.  Rodney Eales Joined the Club this morning.  Membership Committee Chair, Tom Lewis presided over the induction.  Member Bert Barkley recruited Mr. Eales.  And, President Steve Doyle provided Rodney with his official membership badge and a plaque recognizing his membership.  Welcome Rodney, we hope you enjoy a long and fruitful membership with the Club!




Jim Seman, Neil Senturia and Pres Steve Doyle

The quintessential Renaissance Man, he writes, he builds, he creates, he teaches and he visualizes opportunities.  Neil Senturia has done all these things, and many more.  “I guess I started my career as a writer for Hollywood,” he told us.  “I did some writing for M*A*S*H, Alice and Tony Randall, but it is such a strange place, I knew I wouldn’t last there.”  In 1980, Neil moved into the financial services and real estate syndication business.  “But, I wanted more and needed more, so in 1985, I started developing and building condominiums, office projects and hotels.  That was a fun!  I built about 2 million square feet over 10 years!”  Then Neil put his mind to entrepreneurial efforts in technology.  “Remember, this was 1995 and the Internet was just starting.  Email was new and exciting.  I got together with some friends and we came up with the idea for an Internet kiosk in airports.  You know, check your emails between flights!  We called the company Atcom.”  The idea was good, but Neil soon realized his costs were out of line with his profits.  A young technician working for Neil suggested he take the technology and offer it to hotels.  “You never know where a great idea will come from,” he reminisced.  “But it taught me a great lesson, listen to all the ideas presented.  You never know when a really good one will come along.”  And with that change of direction, Neil’s company grew quickly and was sold for a nice profit.  The entrepreneurial spirit was on fire!

Neil has started multiple technology companies since Atcom.  Some of these companies he has sold.  Some he still owns.  And one in particular failed, Digital News Co.  “I learned more from that failure, than from most of my successes.  I also pivoted off that failure to become a consultant!” he shared.  “But being a good consultant is not as easy as it sounds.  So a friend of mine told me I needed to write a book.  Thus was born, “I’m There For You Baby …The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Universe“.  What that book did was not make me a great consultant, it got me started into another career as an author, writer, and blogger.”  Then the writer gig got Neil into teaching and mentoring.  He became involved with Defy Ventures, a program designed to teach inmates how to take control of their lives after prison.  He started teaching at SDSU.  Then he picked up a job writing a column in the Business section of the San Diego Union Tribune.  And, just so he doesn’t get bored, Neil still runs Blackbird Ventures, a company he started in 2005 to invest in new technology start-ups.  The Renaissance Man never sleeps!

I’m There For You Baby” is now in its 3rd update.  “I think I have learned some things in my life,” he said.  “If I could pass a couple of them along, they would be… #1 Return every phone call or email.  You never know when one of those communications will provide you with a golden opportunity.  #2.  Networking is a profession, be good at it.  It is rare someone will accomplish great thing all by themselves.  A network provides you with contacts to people who can help you grow.  And #3.  Go to all those events and meetings you get invited to.  Especially the ones that don’t seem to mean anything to you.  It makes you available again, to great ideas, contacts and who knows, maybe even the love of your life!”  Neil has not slowed down.  He is full of life.  He is constantly thinking about new opportunities and new ideas.  We could use a few more like Neil Senturia!

Thank you Neil, for sharing a small piece of your world with us this morning.  We are glad to have added you to our network!

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