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Tuesday, July 9th

Tuesday, July 9th


July 15th – Annual Golf Tournament at River Walk Golf Course, Noon check in and lunch, 1:00 shotgun start.  Awards ceremony and Steak Fry at 6:00 pm, SDYC.  Scheduled Board Meeting continued until August 19th.

July 23rd – Breakfast Meeting, 7:00 am SDYC, Speaker will be Jason Milosh from the Peninsula YMCA

July 3oth – Breakfast Meeting, 7:00 am SDYC, Speaker will be Claudine Von Gonka from the San Diego Blood Bank


Outside the Lens is a San Diego based organization that provides photography and digital media programming to youth and the community.  Their Mission is simple, to empower youth to use digital media to create change within themselves, their community and the world.  They target underserved and at-risk youths in grades K-12 throughout San Diego County in coordination with local schools.  But their reach is much greater as they also work with educators in Columbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Africa and Mexico.

Member Ken Stimeling, Program Director Lucy Eagleson and Pres. Steve Doyle

Lucy Eagleson, the Program Director for Outside the Lens, visited with the Optimists this morning to share her passion for photography, digital media and children.  Lucy was born and raised in Escondido, CA.  She got her undergraduate degree from the University of San Diego and her Master of Fine Arts in Film and TV Production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts.  She also spent three years living and volunteering at an orphanage in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  “I bring film and digital arts into the classroom,” she said.  “Our programs help children find a voice, share a story and make a difference.  We work with children from Dewey Elementary School and High Tech High here in Point Loma.  It is a very rewarding program and I have had the privilege to be involved with Outside the Lens for the past five years.”

Outside the Lens is a 501(c)3 organization.  Founded in 2001, they have delivered their curriculum to over 16,000 children in weekly classes, after school programs, summer sessions, workshops and teacher trainings.  Children get to tell their stories using photography, video and other digital media forms.  They are guided by writers, journalists, filmmakers, photographers, artists and teachers.  They learn valuable life skills such as problem solving, collaborative thinking, use of technology, perspective and communication skills.  They explore early photographic methods and cutting edge digital media programs.  They share their stories, their thoughts and their dreams in ways that give them hope and confidence.

“Our programs include, Camera in the Classroom, where photography and video means are used to help explain complex subjects.  Cameras in the Community allows students to show and share their views of life where they live.  Cameras Cross Cultures allows students in different geographic regions to share their cultures and traditions,” Lucy told us.  The goal of Outside the Lens is to help the student to understand their own identity, their family relationships, their community relationships, their environment and their world.  It is a big goal and a worthy one.

The Point Loma Optimist Club is proud to be a supporter of Outside the Lens and we thank Lucy for sharing more about this wonderful group with us this morning.

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