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Tuesday, July 30th

Tuesday, July 30th

New Member Ryan Adams


Ryan Adams joined the PLOC this morning.  Ryan is a 7 year Point Loma resident and was drawn to the Club because of the flags along Rosecrans!  Ryan is a commercial pilot flying FedEx packages across the country.  Welcome to the Club  Ryan!

Breakfast meetings are in store for August 6th and 13th.  Speakers will be announced next week.  First VP Jeff Fischbeck will be leading the next two breakfast meetings, as Pres. Steve takes a family vacation.

August 19th will bring a Board Meeting at 5:00 pm and Steak Fry dinner at 6:00 pm.  All meeting to be held at the SDYC.  We look forward to all members joining us at these great get-togethers!



Claudine Van Gonka, Manager of PR

The PLOC was pleased to welcome Ms. Claudine Van Gonka, the Public Relations Manager for the San Diego Blood Bank to our weekly breakfast meeting.  “Saving lives with quality blood services in partnership with the community, is the Mission of our non-profit group”, Claudine informed us.  The San Diego Blood Bank was established in 1950.  It provides blood services to San Diego and Imperial Counties as the San Diego Blood Bank.  In Los Angeles and Orange County it is known as the Southern California Blood Bank.  What are blood services?  According to Claudine blood services include blood collection, component preparation, platelet­ collection, plasma collection, designated donation services and a reference laboratory­.

In fiscal year 2018, the Blood Bank received over 130,000 donations, made over 2,000 mobile visits and worked with a $45 million budget.  They also are involved with other life saving programs.  “We also have a Mother’s Milk Bank.  Where lactating mothers, with excess breast milk, can provide mother’s milk to children in the NICU at UCSD Hospital.  And, we are participating in the NIH “All of Us Research Program”.  The NIH is collecting 1 million genetic samples, from all corners of the country.  Their goal is to gather data to accelerate research and improve health.  By taking into account individual differences in lifestyle, environment, and biology, researchers will uncover paths toward delivery precision medicine,” Claudine said.

For 50 years, the San Diego Blood Bank was known for its headquarters building on Upas Street, in Hillcrest.  Today, the Blood Bank has six fixed locations (El Cajon, Escondido, Sabre Springs, Vista, Carmel Valley and San Diego.  They also have 10 fully equipped mobile units available for on-site blood drives.  “All our blood service donors are volunteers.  We can provide them with some juice and snacks, but we do not pay for blood.  We also accept donations of money and volunteer efforts,” she told us.  “A unique fact about the San Diego Blood Bank … we were first in getting blood supplies to New York after 9-11.  Our relations with the military and our outpouring of volunteer blood donations, allowed us to take 380 pints of blood to New York on September 12th.”

Thank you, Claudine.  We learned a lot about the San Diego Blood Bank today, and we will drag (kicking and screaming) some our members to your San Diego office to make that volunteer donation!



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