Tuesday, February 26th


March 5th, next breakfast meeting, SDYC, 7:00 am, speaker to be announced

March 12th, Annual Oratorical Contest, SDYC, 7:00 am, Don’t miss this great event!

March 18th, Board Meeting, 5:00 pm and Evening Event, 6:00 pm, location to be announced

April 26th, 2nd Annual OptimisTiki Luau, Bali Hai restaurant, 5:00 – 11:00pm, Tickets available HERE


Pres. Steve Doyle, Director Elyse Lowe and Member John Ponder

Elyse Lowe is a native San Diegan and a Point Loma High Pointer!  She is a 15 year employee of the City of San Diego and currently serves as the Director of Development Services.  She oversees a staff of 500 and a $75 million annual budget.  She told us, “I am an advocate for transit focused development.  I want to see San Diego grow its housing stock.  Yes, I am a pro-growth democrat!”

The State of California Department of Finance has projected a housing deficit in the San Diego Region of 200,000 units by 2035.  According to Elyse, the City needs to find ways to make housing production more cost efficient and easier to process for approval of permits.  “Did you know that the City of San Diego issues almost 55,000 building permits each year.  Granted, a majority of them are for simple things like replacing water heaters or windows.  We also provide over 160,000 inspection visits each year for these permits.  Our goal is to simplify this process!” The City has embarked upon an aggressive, online permit processing program.  By the end of February 2020, the City hope to move the vast majority of these administerial permits to the online process.  “You will be able to get your permits online, from your home or office and schedule your inspections as well.  This will move things along much faster.”

The other focus is to streamline the “Granny Flats” approval process.  The cost of getting a granny flat permit used to be almost $100,000!  The City has reduced that cost down to about $25,000 and that may go even lower when the City of Encinitas uploads their three, free, granny flat architectural plans!  Granny flats, or accessory units are available in most single family residential neighborhoods.  But, they can not be used for short term rental units.  By law, a granny flat, if rented, must be rented for a minimum of 30 days.

“Parking is one of the most misunderstood issues in development today,” Elyse told us.  In high-rise buildings a parking space can come with a 30 year capitalized cost in excess of $100,000!  When you consider a car may be used to park at home, park at work, park at play and park on the street, the City is over-parked.  So for new development, Elyse said, “We are going to get creative about using the existing parking in this City.”  She believes if we can reduce new parking requirements we can ease the cost of development and provide incentives for more housing production.

Thank you, Elyse, for visiting with us this morning.  We are all looking forward to your positive changes for housing!

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