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Tuesday, December 11th

Tuesday, December 11th


December 17th, Board Meeting, continued to January.

December 18th, Breakfast Meeting, 7:00 am, annual Steak and Eggs Holiday Fare, SDYC

January 8th, Breakfast Meeting, 7:00 am, SDYC, Speaker to be announced


Aerial View of NBPL

“It’s pronounced SPAAAA WAR.  We don’t make hot tubs. We are cyber specialists. We operate in Space . and in the air, on land and under the sea,” according to Greg Geisen, the Facilities Plan & Revitalization expert at the Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command, headquartered in Naval Base Point Loma, Old Town Campus. “We provide the Navy with Cyber Security, Communication and Warfare Systems.”

SPAWAR was moved from Washington DC to San Diego as part of BRAC in 1995.  Currently, the Command employs 10,000 people worldwide, 5,000 of which are here in San Diego.  In general, the military in San Diego accounts for $25 billion in direct spending, representing about 22% of the regional GDP.  And, they indirectly account for almost 1 in 5 jobs in the region.

Today, SPAWAR is housed in the 1.2m sf of office and industrial space spread over 70 plus acres, in two parcels, along Interstate 5 and Pacific Highway.  “In 1942, these facilities built B-24 Bombers for the Army.  At the height of their production, they were completing one new bomber every hour and working around the clock!” Greg shared with us.  “The plant is no longer used to build aircraft.  We are building computer driven communication and command systems.  We still assemble some of these systems in the facility and then they are installed in Navy ships on the waterfront.”  The large warehouse/assembly buildings are still in use.  But, the +60 foot ceiling heights are no longer necessary and the buildings feel relatively empty by comparison.

Greg Geisen of SPAWAR and Pres Steve Doyle

That has provided Greg with a new job, helping the Navy plan the reuse and redevelopment of the Navy Base Point Loma site.  The Navy is looking for some new ideas and some new office space. Opportunities abound in the world of P3 contracting.  P3 stands for Public – Private Partnerships.  In
general, the Navy will make the 70+ acres of Navy Base Point Loma available to private parties in return for redevelopment of the property and the provision of new office, production and research space.  A Request for Information was sent out in early September.  SPAWAR is looking for 675k sf of new Administration (office) space, 590k sf of Production Floor/Lab space, 275k sf of Warehouse space and 360k sf of Open Staging Area.  Greg believes this required build space would occupy a smaller portion of the current site; the remaining site could then be built by the private party and include such development as commercial office space for SPAWAR contracting partners, commercial retail space and housing or recreational amenities.

The City of San Diego recently approved an update to the Midway District Community Plan.  This updated plan recognizes and encourages this type of growth and P3 programs.  Greg believes there is a high level of interest in the redevelopment of the Navy Base Point Loma Old Town Campus. “Not long ago, ground was broken on the Manchester Pacific Gateway project. This is a similar P3 type agreement. The Navy gets a new Headquarters office building and the Manchester Group gets the balance of the property to build hotels, office buildings, commercial retail and open space parks.  We think the potential for development here is even greater and we look forward to moving ahead next year with an RFP/RFQ proposal on the redevelopment of the property. ”

The PL Optimists want to thank Greg for the information and update on the Navy Base Point Loma facilities.  We are very encouraged by the presentation and look forward to an update in 2019 as the process moves forward!

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