Tuesday, August 7th


August 14, 2018, 7:00 am: Breakfast Meeting at SDYC

August 20, 2018, 5:00 pm: Board Meeting at SDYC

August 20, 2018, 6:00 pm: Steak Fry at SDYC


Acting President Chris Jacobs welcomes Commodore Brett Hershman.

We were honored to have Captain Brett Hershman, USN, Commodore of the Military Sealift Command (MSC) Pacific, as our guest speaker this morning.  He is a Point Loma resident, with his headquarters on Naval Base Point Loma (formerly known as the Submarine Base).  The MSC’s 125 ships are manned by 8,300 relatively senior merchant marines averaging 43 years of age, and by embarked US Navy support.  The ships are varied, including hospital ships (such as USNS Mercy), shallow draft fast boats, Army pre-positioning ships (such as the USNS John Wayne), oilers and other special mission ships.  The new design fleet tugs are the MSC’s “Swiss Army knives,” which have multiple missions including such things as submarine rescue and salvage capabilities.  He briefed us on his wide ranging responsibilities in keeping fuel, food and other logistic support flowing to the fleet.  Even though our nuclear powered aircraft carriers and submarines can go decades between refueling, there is still the need for jet fuel, food, and spare parts that the MSC provides at sea.  Our nation’s ability to do underway replenishments all around the globe is unique, and distinguishes us from all other navies.  The Commodore described the recent 3-week RIMPAC exercises in which his ships worked with 45 allied navy ships to practice this replenishment capability.  He dazzled us with technological advances such as at-sea transfer “pills” that are pulled from a supply ship to a submarine.  They are large enough for big parts yet small enough to pass down a 21″ hatch.  Even drones are being used to do transfers at sea now!  Amazon must be envious.  We are very grateful for Captain Hershman’s 30+ years of arduous duty as a Surface Warfare Officer and in numerous conflicts supporting our national defense.  We also thank him for taking some of his very valuable time to talk with us.  Details of his impressive service are available at this link.

Commodore Hershman in follow-up Q&A with interested members after the meeting

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