Tuesday, August 13th


August 19th, 5:00 pm, Board Meeting at the SDYC, 6:00 pm Steak Fry at the SDYC

August 27th, 7:00 am, Breakfast Meeting at the SDYC


With many of our expert joke tellers off on summer trips, we encouraged one of our guests in attendance, CAPT Charlie MacVean, USN (Ret), to tell some submarine related sea stories in the “Entertainment” portion of today’s program.  He got some great laughs AND a strong round of applause.  We will have to get him back for more.

Optimist J.C. Agajanian and son working hard retrieving flags on Sunday.

Some additional help retrieving flags was rendered this past weekend by the son of Optimist J. C. Agajanian.  He dutifully tallied the count of 144 flags, and was rewarded with a pit stop at Baskin-Robbins for his hard work.

We received a very nice thank you letter from “Outside the Lens” for our club’s recent donation in support of their “Cameras in the Classroom” program at Dewey Elementary, and for their “Youth Council Photo Workshops” for local high school students.

Our guest speaker, Anne Rudolph, is thanked by 1st VP Jeff Fischbeck.

Thanks to member Doug Cleary inviting an esteemed legal colleague, Anne Rudolph, to be our guest speaker today, we were educated in many of the do’s and don’ts of estate planning.  Ms. Rudolph delivered a terrific, concise, easily understood, and very helpful discussion that emphasized three major points:  Prepare, Communicate, and be Realistic (especially with family members).  As she pointed out, Preparation is not only important for beneficiaries, but also for the person who wants to know how their wishes will be implemented while they still have their full faculties.  Communications with those to be making future decisions are best if they are clear and specific, especially when dividing tangible property or when specifying Advanced Healthcare Directives to one’s doctor.  Realistic approaches are needed in establishing/reviewing estates for law changes, family situations, trustee/executor selections, health care solutions, and a minefield of many other challenges.  It’s obvious that it’s best to call in an expert (and early) when it comes to estate planning.  Many of us left the meeting with “homework” from the many lessons learned today.  Thank you, Ms. Rudolph!

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