Robert Dean – 3/31/15

“Vista Hill is all about serving people: the individuals; families; and communities of San Diego.” Robert Dean is the Chief Executive Officer, of this $26million community based organization providing mental health and addiction services to residents of San Diego County.

They offer over 25 different programs for children and adults. They are funded by public entities like school districts, County and State agencies. According to Mr. Dean, “94% of our budget comes from ‘fee for service’ programs, and 6% comes from public fundraising programs.” As a service provider for public agencies, Vista Hill cannot turn away a patient. “Our biggest challenge is retention of clients for services and treatments,” he told us. “Half our clients don’t return after our first encounter. That is the sad truth.”

Vista Hill is currently working with about half the school districts in the County. Their focus is on behavioral problems, addiction issues and truancy, usually related to the behavior or addiction challenge. “If we can get a child to complete 12-24 sessions with our therapists, we can reverse their truancy problems and raise their GPA by a half of a point in one semester!”

Vista Hill sees over 20,000 individuals each year. They provide comprehensive treatment programs for the individual and their family. And, their services continue beyond the initial treatment, providing follow-up and maintenance programs to assist patients with long term success.

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