Principal Tanya McMillin & Kyp Scalero (Dewey Elementary) – 8/4/15

Celebration is the theme for this morning! The special guests of the Point Loma Optimists Club werePresenting Check Principal Tanya McMillin and Science teacher Kyp Scalero from Dewey Elementary School this morning.  As the official follow-up to our July 27th Board Meeting, President Tom Fitzpatrick presented Principal McMillin with a check for $19,000.00 to provide the teachers, students and parents of Dewey Elementary School with the equipment and furnishings for a new Science Laboratory!

Principal McMillin and Teacher ScaleroThe Club members celebrated with the teachers and learned more about the value of having a Science Lab on campus. “Exposure, access and opportunities are what we strive to supply our young minds,” Principal McMillin told us. The students will study a curriculum that covers physical, earth, life and technology sciences in a “hands-on environment”. All students at Dewey will participate in science activities and investigations. “It opens up their minds like you can’t believe,” said teacher Scalero. “You can’t imagine what you can’t imagine! “

A ribbon cutting ceremony will be planned in the future to inaugurate the new facility. Kyp Scalero said it best, “Someday, their world will be totally different from ours. Why not start that someday, today?”

Indeed! Why not today?

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