Oratorical Contest – 3/24/15

3/24/2015 Oratorical Contest

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an Optimist sees the
opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill.

The 2015 Optimist Oratorical Contest for students from Correia Middle School was held this morning. Eight students, chosen by the school, were invited to the Tuesday morning breakfast to present their speech on the topic: “How my optimism will help me press on to greater achievements in the future.”

The judges had a tremendously difficult time in selecting a winner from the four girls and four boys presenting. The parents, family, teachers and Club members there to hear the speeches were amazed by the poise and quality public speaking of
these inspiring young people.

The first place winner for the girls was Hailey Schmidt. She spoke of here challenges in coming to terms with being adopted. She said that her optimistic view on life, being a “chosen” child, helped her overcome her anxiety and self-doubts. While the boys first place winner, Oscar Bouris, shared his optimistic philosophy of “Just be Awesome!” which helped hime deal with family strife and personal frustrations.

The other presenters for the girls, Ava Bunn, Princess Labrador and Katie Power, all provided personal insights into their lives and how staying positive and having an optimistic perspective helped them focus on seeing opportunities in their difficulties.

The other boy presenters, Caleb Kim, Geoffrey Bocaya and Andrew Garland, were equally positive and focused on their futures in the worlds of science, family health and personal development. Their motto is: believe in yourself and be happy. That is
the life of an optimist.

We also want to express special thanks to Ken Stimeling, our Master of Ceremonies and Dan Williams, the Chair of the Oratorical Committee, for providing such a wonderful and optimistic event!

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