Major Neil Ruggiero – 5/5/15


Good morning, Optimists. This morning Major Neil Ruggiero, USMC, the Director of Public Affairs for
Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego presented a report on the status and mission of the Corps in
today’s post 9/11 environment. The highlights of his presentation are outlined below.

The Marine Corps was established by Congress on November 10, 1775. “We were born in a bar!”

The Marine Corps is an integrated service providing mission response from air, sea and land.

The Corps is known for “centralized planning and decentralized execution. We have the ability to respond to any crisis, anytime, anywhere in the world.” The Marines are “forward deployed and forward engaged. Whether we bring an Expeditionary Unit (2-3,000 personnel), a Brigade (15-17,000 personnel) or a Battalion (20-90,000 personnel), we are always ready to go.”

Their missions range from Peace Keeping and Disaster Response, to First Strike, and Full Engagement.

Today’s Marine Corps:

Has 174,000 personnel,
With an “All Recruited” force,
Where the average age of a Marine is 19 years,
Uses 7% of the Dept. of Defense budget, and
Has 6% female personnel.



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