Carl DeMaio – 7/28/15

Good morning Optimists! Today the Club was visited by Carl DeMaio, former San Diego City Councilman, and former candidate for San Diego Mayor and US Congress. These days, Carl is hosting a daily radio program on AM 600 KOGO that “… combines investigative journalism with inside knowledge of politics and an eye on advancing solutions”. It all started over a lunch with former San Diego Mayor turned radio host, Roger Hedgecock, who told Carl “If you want to make a difference, stay on the outside and poke and prod things in the right direction.”

These days Carl is poking and prodding government pension reform. This is nothing new for Carl, who isCarl DeMaio often credited with reforming the City of San Diego pension mess. Carl, a well known Republican politician, has teamed up with Chuck Reed, the Democratic Mayor from San Jose, to draft a statewide initiative for reform of the governmental pension system. “Our proposal is in front of the State Attorney General for Title and Summary review,” he told us. “We hope to be hitting the streets to collect signatures in the next 30 days. We are planning on making the November 2016 ballot.”

Pension reform and ballot initiatives don’t excite you? What if you knew that 41,000 former state and local government employees took home over $100,000 last year in benefits? What if you knew there is over $500 billion of unfunded pension expense facing our state today? What if you knew a retired fire captain in LA took home over $980,000 in benefits last year and a retired San Diego librarian received more than $240,000 in benefits last year? How do those numbers compare with your social security and 401k benefits?

Shedding light on the truth behind the rhetoric. Explaining the government gobble-de-gook talk about budgets and financing. Asking the hard questions. Challenging the status quo. Poking and prodding things into a different direction, an open discussion and public debate. These are the goals of Carl DeMaio. You can join the discussion Monday thru Friday, from 1:00pm – 4:00pm on AM 600, KOGO radio.

Thanks Carl. We’ll be listening!

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