Amy Lisewski – 6/30/15

Improvisation, the art of the extemporaneous.  The ability to create something out of what is at hand.  The ability to be optimistic in the mist of total confusion and bedlam.  The best job you will ever have because “I get to make up stuff!”, or so says Amy Lisewski, the Founder and Artistic Director of Finest City Improv.

Tom and AmyAmy visited with the Point Loma Optimist Club this morning.  Or, more accurately, Amy introduced us to Finest City Improv by getting our members involved in improvisational conversations and activities.  Finest City Improv is located at 4250 Louisiana Street, in the North Park community of San Diego.  Amy performs, teaches and lives improv.  She is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory and IO West.

“Improv is all about possibilities.  We use an empty stage, with maybe a chair,” she explained.  And then, “we create something out of nothing, because everything is possible and the feedback is always positive!”

Amy uses improv to coach employees at major San Diego companies, like GoPro, Green Flash and Kaiser Permanente.  “It is an art to teach a customer service representative how to say ‘no’, when the customer wants to hear ’yes’.  But it can be done!”  Improv can also be used for team building, employee relations, communication skills and igniting the passion in your employees.   Or, as part of an entertainment program at your business function, fund raiser or celebration.  It is a great way to entertain and engage your friends, business associates and employees.  Besides, who doesn’t want to “make stuff up?”

Thanks Amy!  We had a great time this morning

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