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Tuesday, February 25th


February 28th – Jensen’s and PLOC Wine tasting.  5:00 – 7:00 pm, at the Point Loma Assembly, 3035 Talbot Street, tickets are $25pp and available at the Jensen’s market or by clicking here

March 10th – PLOC Oratorical Contest, 7:00 am, San Diego Yacht Club

March 16th – PLOC Board of Directors meeting at 5:00 pm, Members Dinner at 6:00 pm, location to be announced

May 2nd – The Golden Grand presents: “Tropical Paradise”, from 5:00 – 11:00 pm, at the Bali Hai Restaurant, 2230 Shelter Island Drive, for more information click here


            Jesse Sikorski and Pres Jeff Fischbeck

This morning we were educated and entertained by one of our own.  PLOC Member Jesse Sikorski gave us a birds eye view of the recent legal changes to how and when you must utilize your IRA plans.  Luckily for us, this is an area of expertise for Jesse!  Born and raised in New York, Jesse displayed his skills on the baseball diamond and in the classroom at John Hopkins University in Maryland.  He then revealed the true value of a college education by moving to San Diego!  For the past 6 years, Jesse has been working as a Financial Advisor at the investment firm of Edward Jones.  “The relationships that I have with my clients are collaborative partnerships, where I help them outline a strategy, build a portfolio of investments, and provide on-going management,” he told us.

The majority of the America’s wealth belong to people who may be considered Baby Boomers.  This age group is generally defined as those born between 1946 and 1967 (or those 53 -74 in age).  This means a tremendous amount of wealth will be moving from the Baby Boomer generation to their heirs over the next 20 years or so.  The US Government has taken a look at this wealth bubble and decided with the rules in place, that much of this wealth transfer could be passed along without any tax payments coming their way.  They decided this would be an opportunity lost for the government and needed to do something.

Recent changes to the rules governing Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) may have a significant impact on many Baby Boomers and their heirs.  Generally speaking, the rules pushed back the date at which the account holder must start taking distributions (from 70.5 yrs to 72 yrs).  This was a good thing.  But, the government also changed the rules governing the distributions from those IRA holdings, upon the death of the account holder.  When the holder of an IRA account passes and the heir to the account is not his or her spouse, there is now a 10 year time frame for the TOTAL AMOUNT of the IRA account to be withdrawn (and hence taxes to be paid).  This can have significant impacts to the heir and their tax liabilities.

Jesse shared several ideas with our members on how they could reduce these potential tax liabilities.  He also discussed the impact of the changes on the surviving spouse (who is also an heir).  He has similar strategies that can be employed by the surviving spouse to reduce tax liabilities on any remaining IRA account balances that would pass to subsequent heirs.  Jesse was peppered by members with questions and provided good feedback.  But, as with many investment and taxing issues, the best strategy will be an individual strategy, meeting the needs of the investor and their current/future goals.  To that end, Jesse is offering complimentary portfolio reviews by calling him at 619-461-0100.  Thanks Jesse!

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020


Monday, Jan 20th, 5:00 PM, Board of Directors Meeting, Gianni Buonomo Vintners

Monday, Jan 20th, 6:00 PM, Monthly Monday Evening Event & Membership Dinner, Gianni Buonomo Vintners

Tuesday, 28th, 7:00 AM, Breakfast Meeting at SDYC.  Speaker:  Alan Ziter, Executive Director, NTC Foundation

Mark your calendars:

Friday, Feb 28th, 5:00 to 7:00 PM, Annual Jensen’s Winetasting Fundraiser

Tuesday, Mar 10th, 7:00 AM, Annual Optimist Oratorical Contest

Saturday evening, May 2nd, Golden Grand – Tropical Paradise fundraiser at the Bali Hai


This morning’s well-attended breakfast meeting was highlighted by our guest speaker, FBI Special Agent Parker Scott.  He described his background, having been with the San Diego FBI since 2004 and before that a Special Agent with the Secret Service and an Intelligence Officer with the U.S. Army.  In his “spare time” he is trying to learn to play the cello.  He emphasized was how unique San Diego was, with its appeal to business, tourism, and adventurism (good and bad) due to its weather, attractions, and convenient location between Los Angeles and the largest international border crossing in the world.  As a result the FBI is very busy here, with its three highest priorities being countering terrorism, espionage, and cyber/IT issues.  For instance, industrial espionage networks result in technology thefts of $24 billion that reduce US business profits by more than $700 billion annually.  Social media exploitation is another area of great concern. Special Agent Scott brought up how a good way to defeat these threats of networking exploitation is to create a strong counter-network.  One the FBI is promoting in that regard is the InfraGard program, in which any of us over 18 can participate after passing a background check and receiving free training.  It’s a program geared toward addressing security and threats.  If interested, the link is  Cards with helpful information were provided and are copied below for reference.  Thank you, Special Agent Scott and all your colleagues who keep us safe!

FBI Special Agent Parker Scott addresses the club.



Member Larry B. and President Jeff F. thank Special Agent Parker Scott for his presentation and for his dedicated service on our behalf.










We also had a short public service announcement by Point Loma resident and guest Don Sevrens, who described how funds are being sought for the local Voltaire Bridge aesthetic improvement project.  Since it’s not allowed to be funded by the city, the remaining $12,000 needed is being sought, to add to the $80,000 donations raised so far.  Individuals may contribute through the Point Loma Association at (scrolling down to Voltaire Street Bridge).

Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

Guest Speaker:  Sean Mahoney, Chief Executive Officer for the American Red Cross of San Diego/Imperial Counties

To be posted.

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019


Tuesday, Dec 3rd, 7:00 AM, Breakfast Meeting at SDYC.  Speaker:  Kayla Wilson, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Saturday, Dec 7th, 6:00 to 8:30 PM, Holiday Party (Mark your calendar!)
Tuesday, Dec 10th, 7:00 AM, Breakfast Meeting at SDYC.  Speaker:  TBD
Tuesday, Dec 17th, 7:00 AM, Special Steak & Eggs Breakfast Meeting at SDYC.  Speaker:  Santa


Optimist Larry Baumann and President Jeff Fischbeck thank member Adam Zack for his terrific presentation.

Our guest speaker today was member Adam Zack, General Manager and co-owner of Jensen’s Food in Point Loma.  He gave us a unique first-hand perspective of the implementation of immigration laws, and how business owners, employees and customers are affected.  There are strong political opinions surrounding the subject.  However Adam’s presentation was a practical, even-handed look at what’s required, how it’s implemented, how it’s skirted in some cases, and how it’s viewed by insiders and outsiders.  The process was a pre-announced, orderly, and straightforward audit of immigration I-9 files, followed up quite politely by ICE officials to resolve technical errors (such as dates and signatures) and to address any suspect documents (e.g., erroneous or duplicate Social Security numbers).  It was definitely not a raid, contrary to the rumors.  The store did nothing wrong, yet there were some employees who had to leave, creating a challenge to keep portions of the store operating without a pause.  It’s a real credit to Adam and his staff that the store continues to do extremely well and is high on the list for possible recognition as the best in the Jensen chain.  Good luck, and thank you for your presentation, Adam!

Instead of breakfast last week, a large contingent of the Optimist Club of Point Loma got together for their first monthly evening event of the season … at the Red Fox Room at the Lafayette Hotel.  Great food, drink and conversations were enjoyed by all.

Enjoying the Red Fox Room one more time, before it closes for good at its current location.


Tuesday, November 12th, 2019


Monday, Nov 18th, 5:00 PM, Board of Directors Meeting, Lafayette Hotel lobby
Monday, Nov 18th, 6:00 PM, Monthly Monday Evening Event, Red Fox Room at the Lafayette Hotel
Tuesday, Nov 25th, 7:00 AM, Breakfast Meeting at SDYC.  Speaker:  Adam Zack, Jensen’s Foods
Tuesday, Dec 3rd, 7:00 AM, Breakfast Meeting at SDYC.  Speaker:  Kayla Wilson, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Saturday, Dec 7th, 6:00 to 8:30 PM, Holiday Party (Mark your calendar!)


It was a real treat listening to our guest speaker today delve into the challenges of protecting endangered species around the world.  Dagmar Midcap, the evening weather anchor for NBC 7, started out by explaining how our local weather is really a product of weather elsewhere in the world, and drew the parallel with worldwide animal populations on the decline affecting us locally.  She has taken up an impassioned quest to bring the story to the public through quarterly half-hour TV specials of her trips all over the globe, the next one airing on Thanksgiving.   Excerpts from her video “The Extinction Crisis” showed how Southeast Asian cartels are killing rhinos for their horns to the point where only 80 Sumatran and 50 Java rhinos remain as of her January trip to Africa.  She has participated in airlifting elephants (not an easy task!) to new eco-environments to save them from poachers and encroaching civilization.  Collar-tagging giraffes might seem easy with their “XLT+” neck size, but becomes a dangerous evolution for both the animal (which doesn’t normally lay down) and the humans sitting on their necks while the giraffe is only semi-sedated.  As Dagmar pointed out, the tags are actually placed in their ossicones (horns) for safety reasons.  And who would have guessed the most endangered predator species, and the hardest to track with tags, is the fascinating wild Painted Dogs of South Africa?  Something Dagmar mentioned, that we might consider sponsoring in our mission of supporting Peninsula Youth, is an educational program being developed where schools can be connected via satellite to specific South African “bore holes” where the students can interact with these endangered species real time and first hand.  These water resources were once used by poachers to attract and exploit wild animals, and are now used to draw animals to protected areas to save them.  We thank Dagmar for making all of us aware of the crisis at hand, and particularly for getting up so early after the 11 PM news to be with us this morning!

Guest RADM(Ret) Fran Holian, speaker Dagmar Midcap, Optimist Barry Scott, and President Jeff Fischbeck

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019


Nov 12th, 7:00 AM, Breakfast Meeting at SDYC.  Speaker:  Dagmar Midcap, NBC 7
Nov 18th, 5:00 PM, Board of Directors Meeting, Lafayette Hotel
Nov 18th, 6:00 PM, Monthly Monday Evening Event, Red Fox Room at the Lafayette Hotel
Nov 25th, 7:00 AM, Breakfast Meeting at SDYC.  Speaker:  Adam Zack, Jensen’s Foods
Dec 3rd, 7:00 AM, Breakfast Meeting at SDYC.  Speaker:  Kayla Wilson, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Dec 7th, Holiday Party (details to be announced)


Dr. Ray Ashley addresses the Optimists

President Jeff Fischbeck thanks Dr. Ashley

President Jeff Fischbeck thanks Dr. Ashley

We were treated at breakfast this morning to a terrific presentation by Dr. Ray Ashley, President/CEO of the Maritime Museum of San Diego.  He shared the details of his extensive research on schooners … what they are, where the name came from, their development over time, uses over their fairly recent history, and the many variations that exist.  Additional information was presented regarding the resounding success of the museum’s replica of explorer Juan Cabrillo’s ship, San Salvador, which in 1542 landed the first Europeans to set foot in what is now the West Coast of the United States, right here in Point Loma at Ballast Point.  We thanked Dr. Ashley and hope he will return for future updates of the Museum’s many achievements.

Tuesday, October 29th


November 5th, 7:00 AM, Breakfast Meeting at SDYC.  Speaker:  Dr. Ray Ashley, President/CEO, Maritime Museum of San Diego

November 12th, 7:00 AM, Breakfast Meeting at SDYC.  Speaker:  TBD

November 18th, 5:00 PM, Board of Directors Meeting, Lafayette Hotel

November 18th, 6:00 PM, Monthly Monday Evening Event, Red Fox Room at the Lafayette Hotel

November 25th, 7:00 AM, Breakfast Meeting at SDYC.  Speaker:  Adam Zack, Jensen’s Foods

December 7th, Holiday Party (details to be announced)


“Welcome Aboard” to Pete Swain, our newest member!  Pete is a longtime yachtsman, now retired from his construction business and is looking forward to participating in our club’s activities.

Member Russ Valone and President Jeff Fischbeck welcome new member, Pete Swain.

CAPT Brien Dickson, assisted by his PAO, Sharon Stephensonpino, address the club at Tuesday’s breakfast.

We were treated to a repeat visit by Captain Brien Dickson, USN, the Commanding Officer of Naval Base Point Loma.  He updated us on his responsibilities, his vision and his team’s accomplishments since his previous engagement with us over a year ago.  What many of us don’t realize is the base commander’s job encompasses not only the Submarine Base (as it was formerly known), but 3 campuses, covering almost 2000 acres, with 60 tennant commands, and over 17,000 employees (only a third of which are active duty military and reservists).  His “look ahead” includes better use of the Old Town campus as a future transportation hub and multi-use urban center, including innovative solutions to local transportation challenges.  We wish him continued success in his stated vision of communicating with our community in positively impacting San Diego.  Thank you, Captain Dickson!

“Thank you, Captain Dickson!”







Members of the Youth Work and Special Projects Committee at work

Now that our 2019-2020 budget has been approved, our Youth Work and Special Projects Committee is hard at work to spend our funds on supporting Peninsula youth under the leadership of its Chair, Randy Rolfe.

Tuesday, October 15th


October 21st, 5:00 pm Board Meeting at SDYC; 6:00 pm Steak Fry at SDYC

October 29th, 7:00 am, Breakfast Meeting at SDYC, speaker:  CAPT Brien Dickson, USN, CO Naval Base Point Loma

November 18th, 6:00 PM, Monthly Evening Event (location to be announced)

December 7th, Holiday Party (details to be announced)

Guest speaker Earl Kight addresses the club




Who could ask for a better program than today’s?  Member Larry Baumann not only arranged a dynamic speaker, but donated samples of the presentation topic to raffle off to breakfast attendees as door prizes.  Thank you, Larry!  We were delighted to listen to Earl Kight, the National Distribution Manager for Cutwater Spirits, as he talked about the history of one of the most successful entrepreneurial enterprises in our area.  Earl worked with Point Loma native Jack White Jr. as the Ballast Point Brewing Company went to unbelievable heights and then with Cutwater Spirits as they opened to nationwide markets.  It was a story of innate business savvy, great products, ups and downs, and in some cases pure luck. 

Earl described the organization’s amazing milestones and successes:

1992 — Expansion of Jack Jr’s home brewed “kick butt” Yellow Tail Pale Ale to the local marketplace as Ballast Point beer and establishment of the Home Brew Mart in Linda Vista.

1996 — Establishment of a commercial brewery for Ballast Point.  Still distributing beer in Jack’s mini-van, though.

2007 — Took the business to the next level, thanks to investors.  Up to 8,000 barrels/year now.  Started Ballast Point Spirits and effectively created the canned cocktails market.

2008 — Earl expanded distribution for Ballast Point, working for free for 2 years.  (But it sure paid off!)

2012 — Hired a CEO from the Harvard Business School.

2015 — Creation of Ballast Point’s Miramar production and restaurant facility.  Sculpin outsells Coors Light in San Diego.

Dec 2015 — Sold the company for over $1 Billion!  (… but wisely kept the Ballast Point Spirits line.)

Aug 2016 — Started Cutwater Spirits, named after the aquatic bird, a ship’s bow and distillery terminology.

Mar 2019 — Sold Cutwater Spirits to Anheuser-Busch, where 400 cans/minute of canned cocktails are produced.

For those so inclined, Earl suggested looking up Ballast Point’s SEC Form S-1 for some amazing history, facts and figures.  We thanked Earl for his history tour and insights, and hope to perhaps one day have an Optimist event at the Miramar facility.

The club listens intently to Earl Kight’s presentation.

Some of the door prizes and presentation’s subject matter

Member Larry, door-prize winner Jason, speaker Earl Kight, and President Jeff

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