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Youth Appreciation

Youth Appreciation

Point Loma Optimist Club Youth Appreciation Award Winners 2020:

Cabrillo Elementary:

Iris is a leader in our Cabrillo community. Iris wants to make the world a more beautiful place. Whether it’s picking up trash around campus, creating signs to help people remember to recycle, or even picking weeds around her home, Iris is doing her share by participating and voicing her opinion to make our community better and cleaner.

Iris’ optimistic mature shines through with her enthusiasm for making others feel successful and having a sense of belonging. She will go out of her way to help and encourage others to do their best.

Iris will leave messages to her fellow classmates telling them how great they are doing, or share a story that will brighten their day, or even play the piano to set a positive mood!

Iris is cheerful, enthusiastic about learning and life, not afraid to make mistakes, thinks positively, and has a strong sense of good.

Loma Portal Elementary:

If Ella was just a really nice girl, friends with everyone, kind and gentle with all kids, that would have been enough. If Ella was just a great student, top of her class in grades, that would have been enough. If Ella went above and beyond all day every day, helping her teachers, classmates, and the school, that would have been enough.

But Ella is all of this: a friend to all, a fantastic student, and someone who goes out of her way to help others. When interacting with her peers, Ella is thoughtful and understanding. When interacting with adults she is kind and respectful. And, Ella does nothing with half effort. If she’s going to do something, she does it at 100%. She achieves excellence in just about everything she does. And she does it with a GIANT smile.

Once, I asked the class a question: what would you want to be famous for? Amid the sea of usual responses (baseball player, YouTuber, etc.), Ella’s response was quite simply, “I would want to be famous for being kind.” And, that’s Ella in a nutshell. She just thinks differently than most, and our world will be a better place when she does, indeed, become famous.

Congratulations, Ella. It’s wonderful that you are being recognized for all your incredible qualities. Keep up the amazing work. We look forward to what the future holds for you!

Ocean Beach Elementary:

I would like to nominate my student, Bonnie for this year’s award recipient. She is undoubtedly the most optimistic and positive student in my class. Bonnie is like a ray of sunshine each and every day. She smiles and cheers up others, even when the going gets tough. She is determined, hard-working, enthusiastic, and genuinely shows perseverance in everything she does. She has done an exceptional job taking on Distance Learning during the pandemic and although challenging, she has performed with grace, kindness, and optimism. I am a proud teacher to honor her and nominate her for this award. She is very deserving and is the perfect example of what the Optimist Award represents.

Silver Gate Elementary:

Anyone who has meet Elena knows that without a doubt she expresses a cheerful enjoyment of life. It is a rare child that loves to learn as much as Elena does. At times she is so thrilled with her new knowledge that she can barely contain herself! Oftentimes she reminded me of a caterpillar with a voracious appetite who couldn’t get the information into her brain fast enough. This intelligence paired with her enthusiasm makes her a dynamic part of any classroom discussion or partner talk. Elena’s exultation of spirit extends to her Girl Scouts and willingness to volunteer to help others. Elena’s glasses aren’t literally rose colored, but they should be because that matches her optimistic personality perfectly.

Saint Charles Borromeo Academy:

Kiana Exudes academic and personal excellence at Saint Charles Borromeo Academy. She is organized, hardworking, collaborates well with others, and make a positive impact on the classroom and community. Kiana is a leader on campus, participating on Student Council and volunteering to help when needed. She has attended Saint Charles Borromeo Academy since Kindergarten and she looks forward to attending the Academy of Our Lady of Peace in the Fall.

Warren-Walker School, Point Loma:

Miss Casey is a young lady that is known for her glowing smile and her ability to bring light to any situation. Her contagious positivity motivates and encourages others to bring out their silly and outgoing personalities. She truly brings out the best in people. Casey starts everyday by giving her teacher and friends a hug and asks them how their morning is going; and ends the day with a cheery smile, a hug goodbye, and a heartwarming “thank you.” She is a committed Girl Scout, a candy making enthusiast, and loves to dance like nobody’s watching. I know Casey will grow up to be something amazing and make a difference in peoples’ lives. Warren-Walker School loves you, Casey!

Sunset View Elementary:

Kylee is an outstanding student who is a deserving recipient of the 2019-2020 Optimism Award. Kylee consistently demonstrates a genuine friendship and kindness to her classmates and teachers. Her self-discipline and motivation to achieve academic success is commendable and a true testament of her character in and outside the classroom. It is with great pleasure that we honor and award her with this recognition.

George Dewey Elementary:

Andrea is an exemplary student who always does her best work and excels academically. She is a kind and caring student who volunteers to help other students complete their work. Andrea is her teacher’s idea of the perfect student, hard-working, persevering, and generous.